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Bettering Our World

Global Community

Columbia sees its role in the community as more than just an employer and a manufacturer of cabinets.  As a part of the local community and the world community, Columbia has sponsored much charity and missions work in countries which include: 

  • Brazil
  • Paraguay
  • Peru
  • Bolivia
  • Fiji
  • India
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Congo
  • Mexico
  • Nigeria
  • China and more.




Helping Overseas

 Columbia Kitchen Cabinets recently teamed up with Hope of Life International, a non-profit organization, and traveled to Guatemala in Central America with a group of volunteer employees.  They visited remote areas where severe malnutrition has taken hold due to adverse weather conditions, poor soil, and the global economic downturn.  Trekking through the jungle they brought in bags of food and were able to help bring a young child with his mother to a proper medical care facility so that he could be provided with nutritious food, clean water, and be treated for parasites and other medical conditions.

 The bonds, friendships, and memories created will be cherished and remembered forever.

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 Helping within our CommunityGreta with Doll

 Columbia Cabinets supports many within our community who just can't help themselves.  Little Greta has a very rare form of bone cancer and will need to travel to Boston for treatments. 

When life gives you lemons... make hair ponies! 
As Greta's hair is falling out, instead of being blue, her spirits are lifted by some friends. Instead of whining as her hair was coming out in clumps she started making little crafts out of the hair instead. A pony, a puppy, then, she had to pull a little more hair out to make a kitten! She became playful with it instead of glum.

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 Supporting the SPCA


Columbia Cabinets visited the SPCA in Abbotsford BC and discovered the need for a new kitchen.  The old one was removed and the new one put in place.

"Our new kitchen is finally finished!!! We couldn't be more grateful and appreciative of Columbia Cabinets for not only donating and installing a brand new kitchen to our branch but also donating money to help us stock our shelves! Thank you Columbia Cabinets!!! (Abbotsford SPCA)

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Columbia Cabinet's support helps provide for people's physical, emotional, and spiritual needs.

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Salvation ArmyAbby Special Adventurers
Abbotsford Right to LifeBC Children's Hospital
MS Society
Cyrus Centre