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ESP Certification

Columbia Cabinets is now certified in the Environmental Stewardship Program

This program not only monitors the formaldehyde emissions of the final product, but also ensures that proper manufacturing techniques, proper waste disposal and recycling, and environmental policies are in place.

Columbia Cabinets...

  • Uses high quality panel product with formaldehyde emissions below the ESP allowable limits
  • Uses panel product which is made from 100% recycled furnish (core material)
  • Manages its processes to achieve maximum panel and lumber yield using state of the art optimization software
  • Purchases high quality material to reduce the waste factor, and to provide superior product to the end user
  • Works with its vendors to provide a low VOC finish without compromising the finish quality
  • Recycles its off cuttings, as well as distilling its waste finishing material to recover solvents for re-use in the factory