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Nar Fine Carpentry Wins International Design Competition


Columbia Cabinets is proud to announce that Nar Fine Carpentry has won the Columbia Cabinets International Design Competition.  Congratulations to the talented design staff at Nar Fine Carpentry, Carmichael, and Eldorado Hills, California.


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Design Statement:

The clients wanted a lavish kitchen space that would be highly functioning for entertaining large parties as well as for everyday family use. They wanted to celebrate the tall ceilings and architecture of the home and bring in a lot more natural daylight which it was lacking before. The new L-shaped puzzle island accommodates large group seating within the space and the quaint built-in bistro table adds additional seating which transitions seamlessly into the Living Room. It was of the utmost importance to the client that we use modern materials and that they were maintenance free and easy to clean. Giving the family a classic feeling kitchen with a modern edge.

-    A multi-functional space that allows large & small gatherings
-    Bring in more lighting (task, decorative & natural)
-    Create an effortless traffic flow with adjoining spaces

Design Challenges
-    Getting daylight with windows and maintaining the architectural design concept of the space
-    Working with huge ceilings, yet keeping the design well suited for the space and environment
-    Bringing in modern concepts with keeping with clients classic tastes

Design Solutions
-    Adding three windows up high reflects the ceiling slope, a very large picture window in front of the sink and a wide French slider brings in more natural lighting
-    Creating more seating areas within the kitchen space so that homeowners and guests can enjoy the user-friendly space
-    Added new flooring within and around adjoining areas to establish a sense of cohesiveness

Special Features
-    Walnut cabinetry above the prep sink is finished with center panels made of metal mesh and illuminated from within to make the clients glassware glow
-    The puzzle countertop connection points allows a modern design concept within a classic feeling environment
-    Oversized island pendants that celebrate the scale of the space without fighting it
-    Up-lighting on soffit to highlight the height of the ceiling